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we are following breaking news thissmorning... a woman is dead and two oohers are injured after fire rips through a baltimore county of the victims is a fire fighter. fighter.the flames broke out in landsdowne arrund 2:40 this morning along alletta avenue in word yet on what started this fire... or even who the victiis are.we do have a crew headed to the scene right now.stay with us for the latest. more photos are released of the missing maryland woman in aruba and her travel companion.authorities are releasing the last known pictures of the couple... because they say previously released pictures... turned up nothing.gary giordano is detained on suspicion of involvement in 35-year old robyn gardner's disappearance. he has denied any wrong doing and police haven't found anything that would link him to her disappearance.the two traveled to aruba on july 31st and giordano reported gardner
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missing two days later. 3 the search is on for an intruder... who broke into an apartment and then stabbed a man who interrupted the burglary. the violent attack is the latest in a string of recent break-ins in charles village. it happened tuesday night... on guilford aaenue. police say a man found an intruder in his living room. the suspect allegedly pulled out a knife... then punched times.amazingly... the victim survived... but the suspect got away. the violent intrusion happeeed right next door to a woman... who reported a man climbing through her bedroom window... just 3 weeks ago. ("michelle") "i screamed and i said get out of my house! but, something in me said, no, you need to go. so, i leftt and called 911." 911."the victim remains in stable condition. another payout by baltimore city to settle a
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lawsuit alleging olice miscond. misconduct.the city's board of estimates approved a 30- thoussnd dollar settlement with an elderly baltimore city . woman.she suffered serrous injuries to her arm and head after she was thrown to the ground by a baltimore city police detective during a police investigation in east &pbaltmore in 2009. eft the woman with bruises, a black eye and injuries to her neck after the officer pressed his knee into her throat. "officers are tring to peel them all apart and the gramdmother is somewhat fragile, we sometimes call them egg shell plaintiffs, so she's not our latest offensive tackle 400 pounds of mean tough whatever., in the process she gets hurt" hurt"the city has budgeted nearly 2-million dollars just to pay cllims against police officers this year. since 2007, more than 7-point-2 million dollars has been spent settling lawsuitt against city officers. a tragic story in northeast baltimore... where a man whoo tried to walk away from a bar
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fight... ends up dead. happened inside ibis tavern... early sunddy morning. investigators say 35-year old alfred garner, junior got into an argumenn... but then tried to leave the bar.he was by two men. police arrested one of the suspects .... 32- year old willie daniels... and charged him with first-degree murder. the search for a second suspecttcontinues. want them brought to justice and my life will see that they are brought to justice. that's gon be my life 05 05garner... a former u-d-c basketball player... was living and working in d-c as pn i-t professional. he leavee behind a 9-year-old son. baltimore police are asking for your help locating this man. 80-year-old john diabetic and needs his s insulin.bagley was last seen at his home monday in the 18- hundred block of woodburne avenue. he was wearing a green, blue, and beige polo
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shirt and blue khaki pants. if you see bagley... call police. after weeks of captiiity ... a baltimore journaliss has escaped from a prison in libya. libya.sharon vandyke says her 32-year-old son, matthew, called her weenesday afternon ... to tell her he had pscaaed. he'd been held in solitary confinement at a prissn in tripoli, but fellow prisoners helped him escape to a comppund where he borrowed a phone. vandyke disappeared in march... while covering the uprising against moammar gadhafi. his girlfriend was relieved to just hear his voice iq: as much as i've been oq: it was just the best feeling feelinginitially, libyan officials denied vandyke was being held, but they acknowledged during talks with hungarian officials late last month that he was in custody. u.s. officials were trying to confirm sightings of vandyke.
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it's the kickoff to the maryland state fair .... ride mania... and it starts tonight. tonight.ride mania runn from 5 to 10 p-m. admission is &psixteen dollars to ride as many rides as you desire... inspectors have been out all week......making sure all of the rides are safe and ready to go. 3 if there ii a problem we automatically shut the ride down we call the state and find out from theestate how they want to handle things. things. we have your ticket to everything going on at the 130th maryland state fair. fox45 is the media sponsor again this year.. and we will air a 30 minute special called "fun at the 6 o-clock.. on the cw- baltimore. a 12- year old in canada is hailed a hero after he helped deliver his baby brotter. gaelan edwards says he heard his mother calling for help aad leaped into action.he loves watching medical shows and reads medical books in his spare time and all that knowledge came n handy.
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books have different ways to pull a baby i just tried to do the...i grabbed the shoulders... baby was al right, started crying, so you know that's a healthy baby.had to wash my hands... yeah...i held him and saw him before anybody... even momm mom.gaelan... whose in middle school.. says he's already considering medical school. your morning pick-me-up is getting brands are slashing their prices.the prices were raised earlier this year due to poor growing conditionssin south america and other seems those conditions have improved. coming up on the early edition... a shake up at apple. apple..."we don't know exactly &pwhat he is dealing with.
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c-e-o , steve jobs calls it quits from the company he made famous.why he's passing the bat. baton.3 ((break 1)) ((bump in)) weather))
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3 3 coming up... he revolutionized home computers.. computers.."jobs does so much for apple. he not only gives it visibility but also gives it credibility." up next.. why steve jobs is calling it quits from apple.. and who will take over for him. him.and later in sports... there are only four starting spots in the ravens secondary.
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meet the guy you've probably never heard of, who has the best chance o land a starting role. 3 ((bump out)) 3
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apple's c-e-o, steve jobs... is leaving his post. on wednesday... apple fans and the company's board learned of an abrupt end to jobs' reign ainsley earhardt has the story
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on why jobs has decided to lea. leave. the man who co-founded apple and turned it into a high-tech moneymaker.... is stepping down as the c-e-o.steve jobs says he'' no longer able to meet his duties at the 340 billion dollar company.wellman says: "steve is a visionary and the christopher olumbus of the computer industry." devices released on his watch revolutionized the compuuer, mobile phone and digital music industries.nats: "i love listening to him speak."under jobs, apple became the second--ost valuable company in the world... only behind oil-giant "exxon mobil."aaker says: "jobs does so much for apple. he not only gives it visibility but also gives it credibility." there's rampant health has deccined.the 56 s year-old has been "on leaae" &psince januaay... his health has been a topic of conversation for years.alvarez says: "we don't know exactly what he is dealing with. is it a recurrence of the pancreatic
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cancer that has metastasized or is it a problem with the rejection or some problem he has with the liver that he received?" jobs said in a letter to apple's board and the "community" that he can no longer handle the job but will continue to play a leadership role.(fs)"i have always saad if there ever came a day when i could no longer meet my duties and expectations as apple's c.e.o., i would be the first to let you know..." jobs continues on...(fs) "unfortunately, that day has come."(earhardt on cam tag)the company reports that jobs will serve as apple's √°chairman√° instead of c-e-o.u-s stock futures declined on the news... and apple shares dropped six percent after wednesday's new york - ainsley earhardt - fox news. apple named tim cook... its chief operating officer... to succeed jobs. coming up... the death of former oriole mike flanagan. the statement the team released... on the legends sudden passing.that's next in sports.
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coming up in our 6 o'clock pour... irene is already causing devastation in the atlantic.. we've got team coverage on her path ... and when she could hit maryland... 3
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and.. a bbltimore spoots legend... found dead in his home..hat the orioles are saying about mike flana

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